April 05, 2009

Sunday Six - 5th April 09

1. Wonderfully charming old photos from superbomba on flickr. (via krisatomic.) There are some great gems here that will surely make you smile.

2. Days With My Father is an incredible tribute to one man's father in his last days. The words and the photos are beautiful and truly draw you in. It's touching and utterly heartbreaking and I was a little teary eyed at the end.

3. Black and white dreaminess from Lula.

4. Bruno trailer. (Sacha Baron Cohen's new film.)

5. I've just come across Gif Party. If you're a fan of ONTD comments, this tumblr will be your heaven.

6. Dirty Flaws is a cool, darker fashion blog.

Sorry if the 6 are slightly lame this week, but I feel number 2 more than makes up for it.

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